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Ace Mobile Safety Certificates

ACE Mobile Safety Certificates is a long-standing Gold-Coast based business providing mobile Safety Certificates (Roadworthy Certificates), COI Certificates for LIGHT and HEAVY VEHICLES (trucks up to 16t GVM and trailers up to 10t ATM) across the Gold Coast and Tweed Area.

A little bit of history:

August 2000, Phil Benger registered and began working as a mobile mechanic under the trading name of ‘PHILIP BENGER MOBILE MECHANIC’ by providing mobile mechanical repairs and maintenance service.

By 2001 Phil had obtained the required licence to undertake inspections for Queensland Safety Certificates at a fixed Authorised Inspections Station as well as mobile. Phil was both the Proprietor and Authorised Inspector of both fixed and mobile AIS. He carried out inspections on light vehicles and light trailers.

Apr 2010, Teresa Benger became the Proprietor of the business for both fixed and mobile AIS. Phil remained as a subcontractor. Pre-purchase inspections  now also offered to the public as a mobile service.

By focusing the businesses resources and skills purely on inspections, ACE had become highly knowledgeable in the field, concerning the Queensland Government rules and regulations for motor vehicles.

In 2012, the first official website was created for ACE MOBILE SAFETY CERTIFICATES.

In early 2016, ACE has introduced additional services with an increased focus on heavy vehicle inspections and HVRAS measure ups.  

In November 2016 the business changed ownership, with Zoltan and Zoltanne Guth becoming the main subcontractor and Proprietor respectively. Zoltan had been working for ACE for over 12 months prior, thus he was familiar with all the protocols and processes and was able to continue to provide the high level of service ACE is known for.

Presently ACE provides mobile RWC, (Roadworthy Certificate) HVRAS (Heavy Vehicle Registration Assessment Scheme), light and heavy vehicle COI (Certificate of Inspection) and comprehensive pre-purchase inspections for the following vehicle types: 

- CARS /passenger cars, utes, Light trucks up to and including 4.5t/ 
- TRAILERS LIGHT and HEAVY/ caravans, horse floats, boat trailers, etc. up to and including 10t ATM/ 
- MOTORBIKES / scooters, mopeds, trikes/ 
- HEAVY VEHICLES (up to and including 16t GVM) 

ACE is one of the first companies, which began to offer MOBILE INSPECTION CERTIFICATES ONLINE (ICO) which provides our customers with a digital certificate and in many cases enables them to transfer registrations online without having to personally attend a transport office.

Our inspectors are continuously striving to provide quality, affordable and punctual inspections. ACE currently employs three administration staff and four inspectors.


  • Zoltan Guth (Co-Owner), is our most experienced heavy truck inspector with exceptional diagnostics, problem-solving and customer service skills. He holds numerous qualifications including a diesel fitter’s license and a university degree as a Mechanical Engineer. He had worked at one of the largest Truck Transporter Company in Europe for six years as well as running his own workshop in one of the biggest cities in Europe for over 15 years. He has been living in Australia for more than 10 years now with his family and has obtained all the necessary Australian experience including licenses and diplomas to be able to perform a very high level of service to his customers.


  • Craig Castles is a highly experienced inspector of ACE. He is a real local patriot living on the Gold Coast for more than 27 years. He started his career as a mechanic 36 years ago and possesses all the required experience, licenses and knowledge to perform inspections on various vehicles including cars up to 4.5 tonne GVM, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and trailers up to 3.5 tonne ATM. He has also worked as a heavy vehicle inspector between 1994 and 2000. Craig has  extensive knowledge about most cars. He ran a well know mobile car mechanic business for 13 years on the Gold Coast, then worked for QLD Education and Tow Trucks Light and Heavy before he joined ACE Mobile Safety Certificates in 2013. ACE is extremely proud to call him one of their inspector and continuously thankful for his reliability and hard work and most importantly for being with us and help to further develop this business on the road of continual success.


  • Janusz Stankowski (workshop owner). Our workshop is located at 4/16 Dover Drive, Burleigh Heads in partnership with the long-established JJM Auto Service. JJM Auto Service was established by Janusz Stankowski 25 years ago with an aim to provide a wide variety of high quality repairs for all makes and models, with outstanding customer service. JJM is our AIS station (Approved Inspection Station) and holds all the required advanced technology to carry out inspections and perform even the most challenging repair jobs.


We hope that with our unique combination of cultural background we can represent the value of small businesses in our hometown.  We endlessly strive  to provide quality, reliable and timely service to our customers while keeping  the cost of a mobile inspection at an affordable level.

Our friendly administration staff is looking forward to your call on 0408 660 585.

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