Roadworthy - Safety Certificate
In Queensland the roadworthy certificate - RWC - is officially called safety certificate.

A safety certificate is needed when:

• a registered light vehicle is offered for sale in Queensland, or
• transferring registration to a new owner, or
• when transferring to a Queensland registration from an other state or territory
• when re-registering an unregistered vehicle

Vehicles requiring a safety certificate are:

• cars
• motorcycles
• trailers (including caravans) with an aggregate trailer mass (ATM) over 750kg (up to and including 3,500kg)
• any other vehicles up to and including 4.5t gross vehicle mass (GVM)

This inspection, according to the Code of Practice covers the basics for the safe operation of the vehicle, such as:

• tyres
• brakes
• steering
• suspension
• body rust or damage
• windscreen
• lights
• seats

The certificate is valid for 2 months or 2000 kilometres whichever comes first. For Licensed dealerships, certificates are valid for 3 months or 1000 kilometres whichever comes first. If the vehicle has not been sold or ownership transferred within these limits a new certificate will be required to complete the sale and/or transfer. If a new RWC is needed we will, in most cases, be able to complete a second inspection at a discounted price provided the new inspection is done by the same inspector and the condition of the vehicle has not substantially changed.

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