Pre-purchase Inspection

A pre-purchase inspection is an independent, third-party professional service that evaluates a vehicle’s condition before the purchase. The service results in factual information that the prospective buyer uses as decision support for the vehicle purchase.

We provide pre-purchase inspections for the following vehicle types:

- Light vehicles up to and including 4.5t GVM
- Light trailers up to and including 3.5t ATM
- Heavy trailer up to and including 10t ATM
- Heavy vehicles up to and including 16t GVM

Our onsite pre-Purchase Inspections are carried out by our fully qualified mechanics. In order for your vehicle to qualify for our pre-purchase inspection services it must meet the following criteria:

- The vehicle must have been manufactured after the 1st of January 1989
- The vehicle must not be privately imported or an imported version of a domestically sold item
- The vehicle must be Australian delivered and/or manufactured for domestic sales in Australia


These inspections are visual, audible and external ONLY! We do not reserve the right to remove or detach any component of the inspected vehicle (ie. No compression test is carried out. Brakes, wheels, carpets, seats etc. will not be removed or disassembled).
All pre-purchase inspections will include checks for the following:

Body – panels and paint report on the general condition and check for signs of repair
Interior – interior trim including seats, restraints, window and door mechanisms
Glass – the condition of windscreen and operation of all windows, etc.
Door Locks – including central locking mechanisms
Under Body Inspection – panels, frames, steering and suspension, exhaust and driveline components
Brakes – Visual inspection of front and rear brakes
Road Wheels – tyre tread depth and condition
Engine – cooling system component check, drive belts, engine oil level and condition
Oil Leaks – Report on all visible engine, driveline and brake system oil leaks
Electrical System – battery, alternator, A/C operation, ABS, SRS, Traction Control, Check Systems
Road Test – a road test will be carried out to test steering, suspension, brake operation, engine, and driveline operation

After the inspection, a written copy of the report will be provided along with a comprehensive PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register) report. The PPSR report will provide you with current information such as any reported, stolen, write-off and security (or insurance interest) state of the vehicle.

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