“I could not sell my car because of you!”


The inspectors at ACE hear the above remark countless times because the seller has organised the roadworthy inspection in the presence of the buyer and if for some reason the car doesn’t pass, it’s unlikely the buyer will stick around till the car is fixed up. But it’s like saying “these shoes don’t fit me because of you!” You expect it to be perfect, but sometimes it just doesn’t work like that.

“I could not sell my car because of you!”

 It’s not the inspector’s fault if a vehicle does fail. We do everything in our power for a positive outcome, however inspectors do need to go by a set checklist which is regulated by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Your RWC is good for 2000km or two months.

With ACE you can ACE it with your buyers too! BE READY by having your roadworthy done and waiting with ease for your buyers.

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What is a Safety Certificate (RWC) and when is it required?



You must obtain a Safety Certificate before offering a registered vehicle for sale or disposing of a registered vehicle, other than to a dealer. CLICK for MORE.