Do You Do Same Day Vehicle Inspection?


If you could ask the ACE team one question — any question — what would it be? Answering the most common customer question: Do you do same day inspection?

Do You Do Same Day Vehicle Inspection?

Same day vehicle inspection service is something that we can offer on most days which our customers sometimes rely on if they are in a hurry to get things done. However, there are occasions when we get overbooked and it’s impossible to offer our customers a suitable time on the same day. So to be on the safe side try to book with us 1-2 days in advance, perhaps even earlier if you happen to know your schedule. 

We are as efficient, quick and helpful as can be without compromising quality or thoroughness. This is why our company has become very sought-after. We get many repeat customers as well as word of mouth advertisement, so we are continually expanding to accommodate as many people as we can as fast as possible. 

Just give us a call on 0408 660 585 or send us an enquiry online and we’ll take care of the rest!




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