Now Is The Right Time To Sell Your Vehicle


During these unprecedented times we realise that it is important more than ever to present your vehicle in a clean, good-looking way, as well as roadworthy condition.

Now Is The Right Time To Sell Your Vehicle

The preparation to put your vehicle on the market should be done in advance so that you are ready to attract more buyers. We have been experiencing high demand in the past couple of months, as there is more activity on the market nowadays with people who would like to sell their vehicles as well as more potential buyers too.

So if you are thinking of selling then now is the right time. We are here to help you in this process. Call us today for a RWC inspection so you will be ready to put your vehicle on the market.



What is a Safety Certificate (RWC) and when is it required?



You must obtain a Safety Certificate before offering a registered vehicle for sale or disposing of a registered vehicle, other than to a dealer. CLICK for MORE.