Great News: a New, High-Tech Addition to Pre-Purchase Inspections


We are so excited to announce that ACE is introducing a new, high-tech addition to pre-purchase inspections on the Gold Coast, as we have partnered with The Car Doctor. This great new service is coming soon!

Great News: a New, High-Tech Addition to Pre-Purchase Inspections

A bit about this awesome opportunity... 

Using advanced technology the Car Doctor will be able to complete a computer system analysis using diagnostic equipment. The stored fault codes are indications of malfunctions without illuminating any of the control lights or warning messages on the dashboard. By examining these codes The Car Doctor is able to advise the customer of the severity of the indicated problems and what future issues the given faults might lead to. 

This gives our customers further peace of mind when purchasing a vehicle, especially if it is an expensive one. 

The Car Doctor, aka Immy, has decades of experience in the automotive industry - his expertise ranging from diagnostics to vehicle manufacturing, as well as custom modifications on race cars. He also has a post-graduate diploma from the UK in Quality Management, Development Management and Environmental Sciences. He has spent years advising and doing quality management for different vehicle and parts manufacturers in the UK and in Japan. In his recent role he is busy helping numerous workshops on the Gold Coast with diagnosis and the repair of electrical issues in vehicles. 

So, as you can see, this is going to be an additional value for money service that we offer you - our valued customers! Please ask about it from our staff when booking a mobile pre-purchase inspection on the Gold Coast with us!



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