Don't Learn Safety By Accident!


Basic safety checks on your vehicle are easy to do and have a crucial role in extending its life, keeping everyone safe on the road as well as making it easier for you to sell your vehicle at a good price when needed.

Don't Learn Safety By Accident!

Watch this video below to give you some good advice about the basics of car maintenance. 



Here are 10 key points from the video: 

  1. Find a safe, flat area, apply the hand brakes and turn the ignition off

  2. Go around the vehicle to check for any obvious signs of damage, deterioration or loose fitments, scratches or anything out of the ordinary

  3. The tyres are the most important, as they control the safe "driveability" of your car, so look at noticeable inflation loss, tyre wall damage, check age of tyres and the tread condition ; rotate tyres every 5-8K distance travelled

PLEASE NOTE: there is excessive tyre wear if the pressure is not at optimal inflation

  1. Check brake fluid 

  2. Check indicators, brake lights, headlights and rear lights which is best done with another person around to help you

  3. Check coolant level

  4. Check the oil level, but make sure you let the vehicle rest with the engine off for 20 minutes before checking the dipstick - and this applies to all other types of fluids mentioned above

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you use the recommended oil for your car    type if you need to top up and add the amount slowly checking each time   for the level, as overfilling is not good either!

  1. Check the transmission oil

  2. Keep an organised set of tools on hand for minor jobs you can do yourself

  3. Regular cleaning of your car both internally and externally will also make it very grateful and also consider waxing the exterior surfaces of your car every quarter to maintain the paint as long as possible, especially in these Australian conditions





What is a Safety Certificate (RWC) and when is it required?



You must obtain a Safety Certificate before offering a registered vehicle for sale or disposing of a registered vehicle, other than to a dealer. CLICK for MORE.