Happy Friday Gold Coast!


TOP 5 Funny Short Stories to read on the go. Are you ready to LAUGH?

Happy Friday Gold Coast!


The motorbike we never got to inspect

So there’s this really successful coffee shop owner.  And he was presenting in front of a group and speaking. The day before, the same man called one of our team members to book an urgent Mobile RWC appointment for his motorbike. Our inspector went to his coffee shop first thing in the morning, on the day of the presentation. After waiting for 10 minutes, he decided to give a ring to the customer. However, the phone was in silent mode…

The inspector didn’t give up yet. He went on the front and started to wave to the customer. The salesman waved back with a smile on his face and continued talking to his group. Long story short, we never got to inspect that motorbike.




Kids always forget about their sportswear. Looking back, we used to be the same. But students have their cell phone today to call their parents before Phys Ed class.

So about a year ago, one of our professionals went to the Tweed area to inspect a car. He met with the customer who told him to wait for about 5 minutes until she was bringing his kid’s sportswear back to the school.  Our inspector ended up waiting for half an hour. The best part was that the woman turned back with the sportswear saying her kid didn’t have Phys Ed class that day.



The clean key incident

To begin this story, we should tell you to always have your car keys with you before an inspection.

It was a hot Saturday morning in the middle of summer last year, after a busy and exhausting week. Our inspector arrived to the customer’s home who couldn’t find her car key. She was running up and down looking for the key but in vain. After half an hour, the inspector decided to leave.

Two days later, our colleague got a call from the same woman to book a new appointment with ACE. Finally, she told our inspector that her car key was the washing machine.

2 questions: Whaaat? WHY???



Now that’s what we call Granny’s Home Alone  

You know the case when you leave your grandma at home watching TV. Television is louder than the doorbell. LOL

One time our inspector went for a Mobile Prepurchase Appointment. He arrived on time. He was knocking on the door and ringing the bell but no answer. He could still hear the television behind the closed door so he thought someone might be at home. So he called the customer but still nothing.

The same day, the customer called us to apologize and explain the story that he left his grandma at home for the inspection. She just didn’t have her hearing aid on.


TOP 1 

Our “favourite” question   

Not long ago a man called our team member for a Mobile RWC Appointment and asked the question we titled our “favourite”.

“Will you really check my car?” - and he continued. “I though you can email me just the certificate without any inspection.” LOL

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