Thanks so much for the quick response and reliable service!

Samantha Bois,


Very easy and competitive service, easy to book and was very competitive in the price. Id surely rather have this service than any other. The man did a good job and was very fair, made my life a ton easier. Hope business goes well :) will defiantly recommend to anyone/everyone

Mitchelle Crisp,


Your Vehicle has to be safe to travel on our Roads. It is this Company's job to make sure it is safe. Some people selling their Vehicle may get upset if it fails on some items. Unfortunately Cars are not made to last, and maintenance needs to be kept up to date, so it does not fail the Roadworthy. If selling your Vehicle do not wait till the last minute to get a QLD Roadworthy , as it may need extra items you are not aware of, and a buyer may be waiting to see it. Dont get upset if items did fail, if you were on the receiving end and purchasing the Vehicle, you would be the first to complain if the Roadworthy wasn't done properly. There are none professionals out there, these guys have been around many many Years, they know all the rules and regulations, and I would recommend them to anyone. Have a safe journey on our roads once you have seen Ace Mobile Safety Certificates...

Dan Gough,


Had an RWC done today. They came to the office, was very convenient. Great customer service. Will use again. Thanks

Lark Bazar,
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What is a Safety Certificate (RWC) and when is it required?



You must obtain a Safety Certificate before offering a registered vehicle for sale or disposing of a registered vehicle, other than to a dealer. CLICK for MORE.